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Pornography Addicted

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Mary Anne Layden, director of the Sexual Trauma and psychopathology Program, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.

states pornography is a major problem in the mental health of the world population today.

    * "Pornography not only trigger a serious addiction, but also a shift in emotion

    * And social behavior "

    * 40% of patients who lose their partner addicted to porn

    * 58% of patients suffered financial losses

    * 27-48% fired / quit his job.

    * These cases originated from the most severe fad.

    * The power behind the incredible porn pictures "

    * Picture porn not only gives pleasure for a moment. But it is inherently related to the formation of negative impulses such as anger, violence, jealousy, lying, or self.

    * Consumption of pornographic images of intensive and long potential to change fundamentally the understanding of sexual relationships with the opposite sex. Sex is not intimacy, procreation or marriage. Sex is a fantasy, enchantment body parts, violence etc..

Data gathered from mentioning nationalcoalition.org

    * 15% who accessed porn sites in the U.S. changed their sexual behavior.

    * 42% male and 33% of women aged 15-17 years in the U.S. have had sex

    * 85% of the one million pregnancies of young people in the U.S. due to "accidents"

    * 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the year 2000 experienced by adolescents aged 15-24 yr

    * 60 million U.S. citizens access porn sites during the year 2005, the majority of adolescents aged 12-17th. During September 2000 there are 3 million adolescents 17 years or older accessing porn sites.

The data collected by www.levelbest.com mention;

    * 94% of Americans believe porn should be banned from the internet site.

    * Public opposition to pornography: the birth of hundreds of Internet sites 'antiporno', they are concerned with the flood of pornographic images.

PORNOGRAPHY THE ACUTE trigger addiction

    * Based on shooting through positron emission tomography (PET), it was obvious that someone who was enjoying the experience pornographic images of a brain chemical processes similar to people who inhale cocaine middle.

    * Impact of acute pornography was more evil than cocaine. Because of the influence of cocaine in the body can be eliminated (with detoxification). The pornographic material, once recorded in the brain, it would crouch pornographic image in the brain forever. "None of the data showing the benefits consume pornographic images. If pornography make sense, so this time we should be far more healthy, but there is otherwise "

    * Layden shows that pornography addicts tend to experience premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction real sex in his life. Too long chatting with non-natural sex fantasies like cybersexs fantasy make them have difficulties when dealing with real people. Pornography inflated expectations about sexual pleasure at the same time they lose saaat experience real sex.

How the brain responds PORNOGRAPHY?

Dr. Judith Reisman, an expert in neuroscience (the latest neuroscience)

, President of the Institute for Media Education, California, USA:

    * "Study of neuroscience prove a thrilling image of a similar emotional pornography powerful trigger biochemical reactions in the brain. This reaction is instant, but leaving a trail of memories on the memory permanently. Once the liquid chemical nerve created, it will be difficult if not impossible to be removed ".

    * "There is such a strange phenomenon of the brain sabotage, when the image caught the eye even though only 3 / 10 seconds and is connected to the brain, the brain naturally will experience structural changes and then record it mjd memory '

    * "Literally we continue to develop new brain (new brain) at each visual experience that we experience, porn is a very powerful image and leave a strong memory pressure triggering hormone, libido, and potentially addictive."

Psychiatrist and a professor at Princeton University, Jeffrey Satinover MS, MD

"The progress of neuroscience deliver modern humans capable of knowing the natural process of heroin-addicted person exactly the same as people who are addicted to pornography, just a different medium.".

(Republika feb 2006)

Neil Postman, a media expert scientists and U.S. information in his book "the passage of Childhood" (1995)

"Watch porn scene that evokes lust can lead to acceleration Baligh age in children. Current U.S. children lose the beauty of their childhood earlier than other children his age. Based on a poll made in year 1995 on children and adolescents aged 10-16 yr who frequently watched pornography on the tv show. Postman quickly discovered they were more sexual intercourse, does not apply to respect for parents, like lying and behaving like it rough "

Jennis Zilman Dolf and Bryant in their studies of non-violent pornography (1982) concludes that when the object of research repeatedly exposed to pornography, they:

    * Indicates an increase instability sensitifan against women

    * Tend to think of rape as a misdemeanor

    * Tend to have distorted perceptions about sexuality

    * Indicates increase in demand for the types of pornography are more harsh and distorted, such as anal intercourse, sodomasochism (involving sex abuse) and not feel guilty about asking their partner to do the things mentioned above.

    * Loss of confidence in marriage as an institution worthy

    * Tend to look at the relationship outside of marriage as normal and natural behavior.

EFFECTS OF PORNOGRAPHY Research Victor B Cline (1986) in the U.S.

    * Addiction, the mind is not calm, always wanted to see pornographic material

    * Escalation, demands to improve the content of pornographic material being viewed.

    * Desensitization, no matter the dangers of pornography

    * Act-out, to vent their desires.

    * It would be a big problem if the materials consumed by children and teenagers pornography, can give a strong impulse to have sex, even though she was not ready for it. Will give birth to many social problems such as, pregnancy outside marriage, school dropout, a dangerous abortion, single parents, the spread of venereal disease, HIV / AIDS, sexual crime such as rape and murder of sexual desire is triggered rebound from consuming pornography.

    * Teens and children are vulnerable groups affected pornographic media. They are very curious to temporary physical changes that accompanied the religious education of responsible sex education difficult to obtain, but in fact pornographic materials easily obtained. (News letter MTP)

    * Patrick Carnes to study the behavior of those who have sex tend to be uncontrolled or behavior of sex addiction. Kecenderungn are generally owned by those who in childhood experienced sexual harassment, followed by consumption of pornography.

    * Almost all sexual perversions such as pedophilian, exhibitionism, incest, etc. is a learned behavior, among others, mass media, not derived from biological parents.

    * Seymour Feshback, 51% of the students 'normal' at the University of aCalifornia LA said that they may perform sadomasochistic rape (which was shown in pornographic material) if they are guaranteed not to be punished.

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