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cara memulai pembicaraan-obrolan

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Opening a Conversation 2

1. Introducing Yourself
Hello, My name is Ade Erlin.
Hello. I'm Gary Justice. I'm a reporter for the Daily News . . .
Hi. My name is Alison. What's your name?
Hi. I'm a friend of Ruth's. My name is Leslie, Leslie Smith.
Excuse me, haven't we met before? My name is Stanley. You're Alice Johnson, aren't you?
Pardon me, your name is Stella, isn't it? I'm Fred Hutchins.

2. Asking a Question
Excuse me. How can I get to . . . ?
Pardon me, but is this the way to . . . ?
Excuse me, but do you have the time?
Pardon me . . . . Can I have that magazine when you're finished?
Where are you going?
Did you see the evening news last night?
How did you like the movie you went to see last night?
Are you still working on your book?
How did you do in the tennis tournament the other day?
My God! What happened to you?

Note: In general, people do not like personal questions from other people, unless they are close friends. Even close friends begin a personal question by saying:
If you don't mind my asking . . .
i know it's none of my business, but . . .
Can I ask you a personal question?
I don't want to be personal, but . . .
You don't have to answer this, but . . .

3. Making a Statement
It sure is hot today, isn't it?
All this rain is really getting me down.
That's a beautiful view, isn't it?
That guy sure talks a lot, doesn't he?
That was a pretty interseting movie last night, don't you think?
I like that blouse of yours.
Mike! You got a haircut!

4. Requesting Attention
Hey, Doug. You got a minute?
Excuse me, Alice. can I talk with you a minute?
Do you have a minute to talk with me?
May I have a few minutes of your time?
what I wanted to talk with you about is . . .
I've been wanting to talk with you about Mary getting married fo a long time now.
What I'm calling about is . . .
The reason why I'm calling is . . .

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Opening a Conversation

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How to Open a Conversation

There are many ways to open a conversation. The way you open a conversation depends on your relationship to the other person or people. here are the four most common ways to open a conversation. Greetings are sometimes but not always given before them:

1. Introducing Yourself
You usually use this technique with people who you are meeting for the first time: at a party, meeting, public gathering, etc. It does not usually provide a topic, so it usually needs to be followed by one of the other techniques:

2. Asking a Question
A second way to open and continue a conversation is by asking a question. You ask for information, or you can ask for help. You need to be careful about the appropriateness of the question: especially personal question. In addition, you will need to find a way to continue the conversation. Perhaps you can ask another question, or you can use one of the other techniques.

3. Making a Statement
 A third way  to open a conversation is by making a statement. This way can be used with strangers, acquaintances or friends in a variety of situations. Such statements are often related to the weather, to something the people talking see, hear or have experienced in common, or to the other person's appearance. Making statements is a good way to continue a conversation after it has started.

4. Requesting Attention
One last technique for opening a conversation is requesting attention. It is most often used if the other person appears busy, or is involved with something. It is also used when you have something special to talk about with the other person.

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Radio Rodja Bogor OnLine

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Berikut ini lagi satu dari sekian banyak Radio OnLine yang ada

radio rodja bogor:

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Shaolin Temple (2011) Jacky Chan ft Andy Lau

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Jackie Chan ft Andy Lau

Akhirnya selesai juga saya mendownload film Shaolin ini, yang dibintangi dibintangi oleh aktor terkenal andy lau (Hao Jie) , aktor terkenal nicholas tse(Huo lung), aktor terkenal jackie chan (cook) dan artis cantik bingbing fan (istri Hao Jie). fim ini diproduksi oleh Emperor Motion Pictures.

Dalam film ini mengisahkan masa 1920-an, pada awal-awal republik cina, para panglima perang saling berperang untuk memperluas kekuasaannya. Salah satunya adalah panglima perang bernama Hao Jie (Andy Lau) dan saudaranya Huo Lung (Nicholas tse), dimana mereka menemukan sedikit perlawanan pada saat menyerang kota Dengfeng.

Salah satu kuil shaolin terdekat memberikan bantuan kepada yang terluka. Dan murid-murid shaolin Jing Neng, Jing Kong dan Jing menjadi robin hood bertopeng pada malam hari untuk membantu kaum miskin.

Hao Jie (andy Lau) yang bersifat sombong kemudian menantang master shaolin ketika dia mengetahui bahwa para murid shaolin membantu musuh-musuhnya.
Dan dia memenangkan duel dengan para master shaolin dan hal ini membuat sifatnya semakin sombong dan arogan.

Namun hal itu berubah ketika dia dikhianati oleh saudaranya Huo Lung (nicholas tse) yang mengambil kepemimpiannnya di tentara militer. Dan Hao jie ke kuil shaolin untuk mencari bantuan. Sambil memulihkan diri Hao Jie mendalami seni beladiri shaolin dan menemukan kedamaian di kuil shaolin.

Dan pertempuran terjadi ketika Hao Lung menyerang kuil shaolin dan Hao Jie membantu para murid shaolin.

Rekan2 yang mau download silahkan
Sebelum download film instal dulu utorrent, karena disini kita download dari torrent (biar nyante bisa disambung-sambung,,,, saya selesai download lebih dr seminggu,,,:))
Download utorrent disini (370 kb)
Download film Shaolin disni

Subtitlenya udah saya coba dan udah pas, silahkan di download dibawah ini :

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Watch 4000 TV online from Your Computer

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Watch television - Live Internet TVAccess to 4000 Online TV stations from your computer. No need of of a television hardware. 100% legal - no monthly fee needed.
Watch TV shows live from home. All you need is our IP television software, your PC, and online connection.
Online television news is used primarily for major stories and local news. The foreign bureaus have been cut back for some time now, and the major events networks are relying mostly on 'stringers' for their foreign coverage. Internet TV news is not a revenue making product for TV and is not expected to improve any time soon. Cash trumps news, especially in todays competitive and down market due to the economy.
Let's talk about the origins of Internet TV. With IPTV you are able to watch channels on quite a few devices such as, your PC monitor, a Cell Phone, a notebook, or even with the right device you can transfer movies and shows to home regular television. With today's new technology, high speed or wireless online connections and well constructed devices, you can even connect to television on personal PDA.
Lots of other Interenet pages that are created specifically to Online Television. Sites like our Internet television software give you opportunity of watching anything you like. Visitors can either browse or look at the various categories of channels they offer. For instance, if someone looking for series of The Cosby Show, then look under the Comedy section.

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