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Opening a Conversation

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How to Open a Conversation

There are many ways to open a conversation. The way you open a conversation depends on your relationship to the other person or people. here are the four most common ways to open a conversation. Greetings are sometimes but not always given before them:

1. Introducing Yourself
You usually use this technique with people who you are meeting for the first time: at a party, meeting, public gathering, etc. It does not usually provide a topic, so it usually needs to be followed by one of the other techniques:

2. Asking a Question
A second way to open and continue a conversation is by asking a question. You ask for information, or you can ask for help. You need to be careful about the appropriateness of the question: especially personal question. In addition, you will need to find a way to continue the conversation. Perhaps you can ask another question, or you can use one of the other techniques.

3. Making a Statement
 A third way  to open a conversation is by making a statement. This way can be used with strangers, acquaintances or friends in a variety of situations. Such statements are often related to the weather, to something the people talking see, hear or have experienced in common, or to the other person's appearance. Making statements is a good way to continue a conversation after it has started.

4. Requesting Attention
One last technique for opening a conversation is requesting attention. It is most often used if the other person appears busy, or is involved with something. It is also used when you have something special to talk about with the other person.

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