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Opening a Conversation 2

1. Introducing Yourself
Hello, My name is Ade Erlin.
Hello. I'm Gary Justice. I'm a reporter for the Daily News . . .
Hi. My name is Alison. What's your name?
Hi. I'm a friend of Ruth's. My name is Leslie, Leslie Smith.
Excuse me, haven't we met before? My name is Stanley. You're Alice Johnson, aren't you?
Pardon me, your name is Stella, isn't it? I'm Fred Hutchins.

2. Asking a Question
Excuse me. How can I get to . . . ?
Pardon me, but is this the way to . . . ?
Excuse me, but do you have the time?
Pardon me . . . . Can I have that magazine when you're finished?
Where are you going?
Did you see the evening news last night?
How did you like the movie you went to see last night?
Are you still working on your book?
How did you do in the tennis tournament the other day?
My God! What happened to you?

Note: In general, people do not like personal questions from other people, unless they are close friends. Even close friends begin a personal question by saying:
If you don't mind my asking . . .
i know it's none of my business, but . . .
Can I ask you a personal question?
I don't want to be personal, but . . .
You don't have to answer this, but . . .

3. Making a Statement
It sure is hot today, isn't it?
All this rain is really getting me down.
That's a beautiful view, isn't it?
That guy sure talks a lot, doesn't he?
That was a pretty interseting movie last night, don't you think?
I like that blouse of yours.
Mike! You got a haircut!

4. Requesting Attention
Hey, Doug. You got a minute?
Excuse me, Alice. can I talk with you a minute?
Do you have a minute to talk with me?
May I have a few minutes of your time?
what I wanted to talk with you about is . . .
I've been wanting to talk with you about Mary getting married fo a long time now.
What I'm calling about is . . .
The reason why I'm calling is . . .

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