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Simple Present - Past Tense ctive & Passive Voice

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Bahasa Inggris kelas XI
1. Simple present tense
Pattern :  Subject + to be (am, is, are) + Object
                 Subject + Verb I + Object
(+) We are busy everyday.
(-) We are not busy today.
(?) Are we busy everyday?

(+) He goes to school everyday.
(-) He does not go to school on sunday.
(?) Does he go to school everyday?

Simple Present in Passive Voice (Kalimat Pasif)
Pattern : Subject + to be (am, is, are) + Verb III + by + Object
AV : My father buys a book today.
PV : (+) A book is bought by my father today.
        (-) A book is not bought by my mother today.

AV : I clean the whiteboard.
PV : (+) The whiteboard is cleaned by me.
(-) The whiteboard is not cleaned by you.

2. Simple past tense
Pattern :  Subject +  to be (was, were) + Object
                 Subject + Verb II + Object
(+) I was a student.
(-) I was not a teacher.
(?) Was I a teacher?

(+) The teacher wrote on the whiteboard.
(-) The teacher did not write on the blackboard.
(?) Did the teacher write on the whiteboard?

Simple Past tense in Passive voice
Pattern : Subject + to be (was, were) + Verb III + by + Object
Examples :
AV : He bought the pen from the shop.
PV : (+) The pen was bought by him from the shop.
(-) The pen was not bought by him from the market.

AV : we visited them three days ago.
PV : (+) They were visited by us three days ago.
(-) They were not visited by us two days ago.

Change the following sentences into the Passive voice!
1. They drink a glass of milk.
2. Somebody cleans this classroom.
3. My father reads newspaper everyday.
4. Doni and Nina helped their mother yesterday.
5. I sent the letter to my father last week.

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